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Cañada de Gómez has an Industrial Park which houses over 20 small and midsized growing companies, mainly timber, metalmechanical, food and building industries.

At present, a new industrial park which will house over 23 companies is being built.

The location of the industrial area, at the crossroads of National Road 1V09 and Provincial Road 91, 4km away from the urban area of Cañada de Gómez city and with direct access to Rosario-Córdoba Highway, strategically places it to favor the settling of industries.

Facilities at the Park:
- Drainage systems
- Electric power
- Phone line and Internet
- Private security
- Maintenance in common areas
- Street lighting
- Training and conference hall fully equipped with high technology.

It is connected to National Road 33 and thus to Roads 7 and 8, which have access to Cuyo Region and to the Pacific Ocean via Chile. As it also connects to National Road 34, it provides access to all the Santa Fe Dairy Belt and to the northeast and northwest areas of our country. It is situated 70 km away from the ports of Rosario, San Martín and Villa Constitución. Also, it connects to Litoral Region via Rosario-Victoria Bridge.

- 380 km Buenos Aires
- 190 km Santa Fe Capital City
- 65 km closest port and customs
- 1 km Rosario Córdoba Highway, with direct access


contacto@fudeca.org.ar | Telefax.: 03471 - 423839 / 421689
Balcarce 1118 - Cañada de Gómez - Santa Fe - Argentina